Visionary” (forward-looking) can adequately describe DAPPREMO and its supporters.

To qualify and define a case, it is normal to have an approach through which we proceed from the identification of the norm or law. The same approach is also used about data protection and privacy, proceeding from the norm within which to subsume the case: the method is not wrong.

However, privacy and the protection of personal data deserve new reflection.

What change in privacy?

The process of change – accentuated by the recent and new challenges (including the effects of the pandemic) that we have to face – exists and had started some time ago, but it is probably not yet properly perceived.

Technological evolution and on the other the phenomena associated with the pandemic and scientific research are pushing towards a change in our daily life.

Times are changing, and we must adapt: ​​the awareness of this change and the consequent need for a new approach, also about privacy and the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, cannot leave us indifferent.

Being aware of the existence of this process means to be already a step ahead, but awareness must be followed by action, that is how to face it practically.

DAPPREMO, for which reference should be made to the detailed description contained in the book “GDPR & Privacy. Awareness and opportunity. The approach with the Data Protection and Privacy Relationships Model (DAPPREMO)”, is the innovative model that offers the approach through which to explain the relevance of the relationships between the entities existing in the reality in which we live that have a relationship with the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and privacy. This approach can provide a unifying and abstract vision to a highly complex scenario.

The model is complex but easy to understand and translate into operational solutions.

Supporting DAPPREMO it means on the one hand to consolidate the awareness of the need for an innovative approach in the privacy field, and on the other hand, to qualify as “Visionary” those who deepen the model and support it with disclosure.

If you want to support DAPPREMO and be a “Visionary” yourself, please download the badge for free using the button below; you will receive an email with the link to the file. You will be able to publish the badge on social platforms, qualifying yourself as a supporter, but with express recognition of the source and this website.

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DAPPREMO Visionary badge

DAPPREMO Visionary badge